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After much convincing from my husband over at Great Lakes Prep I have finally started my own blog!  After some debating I thought a general lifestyle blog would be best to showcase all the wonderful and crazy things that happen over here at the Yoder household.  I guess I will start where we started.  We met on December 23rd, 2005 after having talked on the phone and emailing back and forth for 2 weeks.  Get this…we were 17!  I lived in the sleepy little town of Edwardsburg, MI and my husband (then crush) lived in Goshen, IN-right over the border.  We met when I clicked on his name on a social networking site and thought he was super cute-so I sent him a message.  Never one for subtly-I go after what I want.  After scooting around our parents we managed to meet and go on our first date which I will never forget.  We went to Steak and Shake for dinner (where I dropped my phone about 5 times and had to make up ALL of the conversation) and then we went to a movie (King Kong) where I learned that when my hubby is nervous he makes these odd little sounds in the back of his throat.  I also learned that he is the type of guy who will put his arm around you for the whole duration of a two and half-hour movie.

The years flew by with a few red lights (I wish they would never end) and a couple of promises to never be apart.  After my senior year I went to college an hour away at Western Michigan University (Go BRONCOS!) and came home every weekend to see my man play football (they went all the way to state that year 2007), play basketball and run track.  Some may say I missed out on some fun college days, and maybe they’re right, but I say I made the best investment in a wonderful future with a wonderful guy.  On the days we weren’t together I walked uphill both ways, in the snow to class with my best friend from high school (who’s name also happens to be Chelsie, just spelled with an ie).  I also decided that instead of becoming a journalist, I wanted to become an Occupational Therapist.  I applied and got in to the program on my first try-I think it was meant to be.  That started the next whirlwind of the next 4 years where I would be swept through the program and earn my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Nick chose to go to Butler University (4 hours away from Western Michigan) on the prestigious Eli Lilly Scholarship.  This decision definitely caused some growing pains-but we made it through.  I put a lot of miles on my car and so did he.  I don’t think we went one weekend without seeing each other.  Most people thought we were insane but I knew the truth, ok well maybe we were a little insane but we were also in love.  Nick and I happen to be two very determined people and nothing stops us when want something and the dream of us was the biggest and best thing that ever happened to us.  We are yin and yang.  Where I am impulsive and passionate and obsessive, Nick is calm, steady and thoughtfully patient.  But most of all our faith in God pulled us through and brought us to this place.

Which reminds me to continue the story!  We got engaged in October 2009 and were married on June 18th, 2011 in Saint Joseph, MI.  The wedding was everything we hoped it would-a great party and a celebration of our romance.  Now we are living and working in Indianapolis, IN with our amazing, wonderful, cute, smart puppy Wrigley who is about to turn 2 on March 7th!

So now that you have read the introduction to my story here is some info on what is to come!  Please expect further stories about getting married (the process, the pictures and the wonderful outcome), Wrigley and his amazing-ness, my favorite recipes (I love to cook and bake), my DIY projects (I love to craft and decorate), pictures of our cute little rental in Broad Ripple (one of the coolest places to live in Indy), stories of my 4 best friends, what it’s like being an Occupational Therapist at age 24, travel, travel and more travel around the Midwest and other places, and our crazy and loving family.

Thanks for reading!

Chelsea, otherwise known as Mrs. GLP


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