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Making your own wedding programs is a great way to save a little cash.  It certainly does not mean that you have to skimp on style!  Here is a picture, courtesy of Kate Podjan Photography, of our wedding programs that my husband and I made.  The best rule when planning a wedding on a budget is to keep your paper items, such as your invitations, programs, menus, etc., simple.   If you want your wedding to have a classic look that everyone will envy don’t make it a “theme” wedding.  Just because my wedding was at the beach did not mean I had to use invitations or programs that were adorned with seashells or dolphins.  Here are the directions for making your own DIY wedding programs.


  • 12 x 14 white card stock
  • ink pad
  • stamp of your choice
  • printer
  • Microsoft Office Word program or other word processor
  • round corner craft paper punch
  • paper cutter
  • printer & A LOT of ink
Cost: Approximately $75


Start by cutting your paper to the desired length/width.  I went with a long, rectangular program because I happen to like that specific look.  After cutting the paper, edge the corners with your round corner punch.  I think the rounded edges give it a finished look, which is very important when completing a DIY project.   The most difficult part of this project is designing your program on Microsoft Word and making sure your printer will cooperate with you!  It certainly took me several tries before I got it right, which is why you should plan on having at least 5-10 extras.  First you need to measure your program size, in my case that was 6 x14.  Next open Microsoft Office, click on “file”, then click on “page setup”, it will open a page setup window where you need to click on the tab “paper”.  Then under paper size scroll down to the option custom, put your program width and height measurements in the appropriate tabs.  There now you have a word document the same size as your program!  Leave yourself some room at the top of the document to fit your stamp.  If you need more space you can change the side and bottom margins by clicking on file, page setup and margins.  Print out a sample and see if your stamp fits at the top.  If it does great, print out all of your programs. If it doesn’t give yourself more space and try another sample until you get it just right.  After you have printed out all of your programs, go ahead and stamp them all for the perfect look.  Hope this helps you in your endeavors to have a stylish and budget friendly wedding.  Happy DIY-ing!



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