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Today I was bitten.  By the organizing bug, that is.  Organizing things around my home makes me feel more relaxed and is almost cathartic for me when I am feeling overwhelmed.  I know that I can control the small things inside my home like paper clutter, random batteries and coupons galore and in turn make my days flow a little bit easier.  Here are some of my tricks and my favorite organizing items.

  • This first item is one of my favorites.  A recycling bin is a must have for any Eco-conscious family.  Keeping all those papers and bottles organized in the meantime can be a struggle and a mess, but with this recycling bin from the container store, it gets a whole lot easier!  $39.99

  • Another must-have in my book is the 13 pocket accordion file folder.  This keeps all of my paper work neat and organized, and it doesn’t take a lot of space.  I have 13 pockets that contain the following;
  1. my pay stubs
  2. husband pay stubs
  3. tax records
  4. water/gas/electric bills
  5. warranties and manuals for items bought the last year
  6. insurance/Roth IRA statements/401 K statements
  7. bank statements
  8. All passwords required for internet, student loans, etc.
  9. my Student loan information
  10. husband’s student loan information
  11. membership cards/information

   $4.99 for the smaller one and $7.99 for the larger one at the Container Store

I also have string closure envelopes for all of our important documents for easy handling during traveling.  Inside one of these I keep the following;

  • passports
  • social security cards
  • marriage certificate

$1.99 at the Container Store

In my bathroom I have the following items to keep me organized and make my morning routine as quick as possible!

Deco Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer $9.99 at the container Store

I used to use a cosmetic bag.  One day I realized how much time I was wasting looking for the items I actually used every day alongside all the specialty makeup I have.  This is perfect for my “every day” make up and I keep it right on my bathroom counter top.

I also use the Acrylic Earring Organizer from the Container Store for $5.99.  With this great tool, I never lose my earrings, which was a big problem for me.

Another great organizing system in my home is the set-up when you get in the door.  We never lose our keys anymore! It’s a miracle!  When you get home you put your keys on the hook, along with sunglasses or cell phones.  When we get mail, it goes into the wicker basket on top of a short bookcase/DVD storage unit that I re purposed for a picture gallery.

Underneath the sink is another area that can get messy fast.  I go through it every 3 months or so to make sure that I am not collecting too many plastic bags or double cleaning products.  I recycle all the plastic bags that aren’t needed and combine double products into one bottle to save space.  I also have my cleaning bucket to organize the products I use in other areas of the house, besides the kitchen, for an easy way to tote them around.

My laundry room is something I could never give up, now that I have had the great experience of having one!  It is amazing and doubles as a pantry as you can see.  I keep a small white bucket that holds lunch boxes, k-cups and doggie treats.  The  brooms, mops and ironing board stay to the right and the detergent, iron, blender, swiffer wipes and bulk paper products stay on the shelf.  On the ground we have Wrigley’s bowls and a big, clear container to store his food.  This way I know how much food he has left and know when it is time to go get more.  It is also great for travel.

My wish list for my laundry room includes several mop & broom holders for $2.99 from the Container Store.

My last organizing tip of the day: don’t throw out your swiffer wipe plastic containers, they make great K-cup storage!

Hope this inspires you to organize your own nest!



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