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Are you one of the many who do not know what an occupational therapist does?  I was one of you only about 5 years ago.  An occupational therapist does many things including, but not limited to the following

  • Help people re-learn how to do every day things (dress, toilet, bathe & feed themselves, reach emergency help, cook, clean, type, write, take medications, brush hair, shave legs, write checks, pay bills, drive a car, button a button, zip a zip, etc. the list could go on and on!)
  • Help people regain their strength and endurance in order to complete the before mentioned tasks through exercise routines and mobility tasks
  • Design ergonomic work stations for large & small corporations
  • Assist in creating and implementing sensory diets for kiddos
  • Complete all the necessary documentation that comes with all of these tasks including evaluation, billing, progress notes, case conference determination, etc.
  • Complete evaluations of people’s homes for safety issues
  • Provides adaptive equipment and home modifications to assist in independent living
  • Creates hand splints for people who have carpal tunnel, de quervains, high tone/limited PROM
  • Works with EVERYONE (babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, adults, elderly) in EVERY setting (hospital, school, nursing home, outpatient clinic, community health centers, homes and mental health facilities)

This is what I do, everyday.  It is an extremely rewarding but very demanding job.  I am what people need me to be, when they need me to be it.  I can be loving, caring and easy going or I can be tough, challenging and unrelenting.  I can show you how to do something like putting your shoes on 10 different ways using 3 different pieces of equipment.  I went though college fast.  I attended Western Michigan University where I applied and made it into what they call the “4 + 1” program for occupational therapy.  This included 4 years of undergraduate studies and 1 year of graduate studies.  I completed 4, 3 month long fieldwork’s, where I was molded and shaped into what I am now with an iron fist of professionalism.  I worked very hard and graduated 4 and 1/2 years after I started college after which I took and passed my qualifying exam.

As an occupational therapist you have great hours (M-F 8-4:30), pretty good pay and a challenging career that changes every day.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Plato. Love this quote.



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