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I decided to go through my closet and put some outfits together to get a better picture of what I am wearing on a daily basis.  I found out that I don’t just gravitate towards neutrals, they are practically all I wear!  I definitely need to start looking for some more colorful pieces when I update my wardrobe this Spring.  Here is a look at what I put together.

Accessories Used in Outfits

Belts from Old Navy and Express

Shoes from TJ Maxx and Old Navy

Aviator’s from Gap and tortoise shell sunglasses from Old Navy

Purses from JC Penny’s and DSW

Jewelry from J. Crew Factory, Ann Taylor Loft and Claire’s

Clothes all laid out (just look at all that white!!)

Day 1

J. Crew tank top and shorts from ??

Day 2

Shirt from Ann Taylor Loft and white jean skirt from J. Crew

Day 3

White Romper from J. Crew

Day 4

Dress from Old Navy

Day 5

Blouse from Old Navy and Skinny Jeans from J. Crew

Day 6

Button Down from H & M, shirt from Forever 21

Day 7

Tank Top from J. Crew

Night 7

Dress from TJ Maxx

I thought I would add a punch of color at the end!


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