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I have recently been inspired by reading the blog The Art of Manliness, which was left open on the computer by my husband.  I have read through several posts and recommend the advice and find the humor quite funny.  While men seemingly have become less manly over the years, women have also become much less lady-like.  It makes me cringe inside every time I see a post on my facebook news feed from a young lady stating, “I’m pregnant!” and she has a relationship status of “single, it’s complicated or dating so-and-so.”  What happened to the days when having an unplanned and illegitimate pregnancy was certainly undesirable and most definitely not something one would brag about or receive congratulations for?  Or how about the simple things like wearing clothing in public that wouldn’t cause your mother to blush and remembering to say please and thank you?

I like to have fun just as much as the next girl, but acting like a lady at all times, and in all situations has advantages which far outweigh the benefits of being on a “girls gone wild” video.  Femininity is a topic I love to explore.  I am all for the strong, empowered woman.  I think that acting with manners, etiquette and class is part of being the strong female we (all of us ladies) want to embody. The following is a list of things a lady should know.

  • Don’t give the milk away for free.  You are worth more than that.  If you don’t know this to be a fact then you can’t expect them to know it either.
  • Dress for the occasion.  If you are unsure of the dress code for the occasion, always go with dressing-up rather than dressing down, this rule will never get you into trouble.  Above all, don’t wear pajamas in public!
  • Have your cell phone charged and ready when you are in your car or walking in public places.  You never know when you may require assistance.
  • Do not use that same cell phone to text unseemly pictures of yourself to anyone.  This will always come back to haunt you.
  • Speak to others with kind words, even when you are frustrated.  Remember you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.  This will get you what you want far quicker than belittling others.
  • Know the art of conversation.  A lady always makes others feel comfortable and this includes filling the silence with interesting conversation.
  • Never be afraid of admitting faults but by the same token do not go fishing for compliments, this is exhausting for others and demonstrates openly that you have poor confidence.
  • When choosing and picking the man that will become your husband, be picky, but be so in the right ways.  Being picky about the way they look or what brand of clothing they wear will not get you far.  Do look for a man that is intelligent, faithful, kind, hard-working and compassionate.  More on this subject later.
  • Know your values and stick to them.
  • Keep your word.  If it is not possible to do so, be sure that you inform the correct parties with plenty of advanced warning.
  • Know the arrangement of silverware at a table and eat accordingly with fine manners. If you are unsure of how to act or what fork to use, don’t shout about it.  Quietly ask the person next to you for advice.
  • If you borrow something from a friend, return it in a timely manner.



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