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This 12-inch Spring wreath cost me $18.96 and took me 20 minutes to make.  I also have left-over material enough to make a couple more if I wanted to.  Here is the break down of cost/materials.

  • 12-inch styrofoam wreath @ $5.99
  • 2.25-inch nest at @ $1.99
  • Package of 4 Little Birds @ $3.99
  • 90 Yards of Cozy Wool @ $6.99
  • Pins which I already had @ no cost

Directions: Pin wool to the back of the wreath where you want to start.  Then wrap around the wreath, using your fingers to pull the wool yarn tight together so that the foam doesn’t show through.

Once you have wrapped it to your liking, cut the string and pin it in the back.  I pinned the wreath in the back a couple of more times just for that added security.

The nest and birds I bought at Michael’s craft store are made by Ashland Nature Center and come with wire already stuck in them, all you have to do is unwind them and stick them in your wreath wherever you want them!  This was one of the easiest crafts I have ever done.  I am thinking of making several more for different seasons.  It’s so much fun and is very rewarding to do a quick and easy craft that looks beautiful.

I think it might be cute to make a couple of these in different colors, without any added decorations and hang them on the wall of a craft room.  Just an idea.



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