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I guess I have always been a little boy-crazy.  I was the one who always wanted a boyfriend in grade school.  I have had some time to think the past couple of days and I started asking myself why this was the case.  Well, it probably all comes from the amazing relationship my parents have.  A person’s main example of love come’s from his or her parents.  My parents don’t fight, they don’t bicker, they are loving, faithful partners.  They always made love look inviting and wonderful.  They are the parent’s that still hold hands in the parking lot on the way into the movies and smile lovingly at each other.  So why wouldn’t I want that?  My sister met and started dating her husband when she was 15! Yes, 15 people!  I was 17 when I met and started dating my husband, which is still pretty young, in my thinking. Don’t worry though, we went to college, got good jobs and then got married.

I dated a couple of guys before I met my husband.  Some were nice, some were horrible.  Others were comical.  Some were close by (Michigan) and some were far away (California).  I traveled down the road on my bike to meet some and another I flew thousands of miles to get to.  I have always believed that love knows no bounds and can make it through anything (my husband later justified this thought process for me).  I met guys through friends, family, vacations, school, social networking sites, jobs and just about any other way I could.  I figured you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.  Anyways these guys always left me with a yearning for something that would truly last forever.  Something that I could hang my hat on.

There are many different kinds of love.  I have love for my family and friends.  Every love is different and conveys different emotions within me.  Each love is special in it’s own way. Romantic love may be the most multi-faceted of these loves.  It can be present in many confusing ways.  One can love someone who is horrible to them one minute and wonderful to them the next.  Love can be short or long in nature.  It can be filled with bitterness or sweetness. The love I have for my husband is deep and enduring.  I wish that for everyone.  A love that is ever changing and evolving but ever present as well.

I had one boyfriend who told me, “Chelsea, you have always been in a relationship, maybe you should just take a break and find out who you are.”  This guy obviously did not know me as well as I thought.  My husband can attest to this.  In my world, who I am, is completely intertwined in those I love.  And safe in that love, I have always known who I am.  I try to live my life with the following maxim. God first, others second and myself last.

Keeping things in perspective will lead you to the most fulfilling life.  In this society we hear a lot of “I need to find myself first” or “I need to make myself happy most of all”.  The only way you will ever be happy is by making those you love happy.  If they are worthy of your love, then they will in turn want to do things that make you happy.  It is something cyclical in nature.  If you expect to find happiness by doing whatever you “feel” like doing, you will never find it. You have to give in order to receive. So this is my own little story on love, Midwest-style for you.  I know many of you will not agree with it or maybe think that I just kidding myself, but that’s okay.  And it’s okay because I have a beautiful life filled with many people who love me.



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