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After taking a quick trip to the local Goodwill I found a great wooden frame with a horrible picture in it and another horrible frame with a beautiful painting on oilcloth.  After a coat of paint and a little switching around, I have some beautiful artwork for a total cost of $3!  Here’s how I did it.

First I took everything apart.

Then I primed the frame using leftover primer from the dresser from my recent post found here.

Then I painted it using leftover paint from the dresser.

Then I took the cheap print that was originally in the frame and laid it over the oilcloth painting.

After centering it I drew around the edge in pencil so that I could have a line to cut on.

I simply cut around the lines so that my painting would fit into the frame.

I then removed the hanging hardware on the back of the frame and replaced it on the longer side of the frame so that it would hang landscape rather portrait to fit the painting.  I used a screwdriver to pry up the hardware, finishing nails and a hammer to replace it on the other side.  Then I washed up the glass, placed it in the frame with the painting and put the original cardboard backing in place.

This painting fits my Midwestern classic style perfectly.  I will definitely keep my eyes open for any future pieces from Goodwill that require a little extra love because I would like to be able to do a series on cheap refinishing ideas.  Let me know what you think!



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